Respect for Shojo-tachi in this episode. I don’t want to ruin the surprise though

So we start this episode off with Yuuka and Atomu teasing Bunta about starting to make the game with Sayuki.

Also I’m just going to be using Senketsu’s subs for this. The only other place that has this anime in 1080p is Horrible subs and they have their stuff hardsubbed in because they’re probably getting them from ANN’s stream.

So we all are going to have to deal with 720p. I feel like a casual…anyway…

So when Bunta gets to school he sees a nice little package in his locker sent by Sayuki.


Ooh what’s in there? Love letter? Chocolates? Nope!

vlcsnap-2016-01-16-02h49m56s613 vlcsnap-2016-01-16-02h50m00s619 vlcsnap-2016-01-16-02h50m05s331

Nope games. Then again if you’re a gamer this is just as good. I’d marry the girl that stuck this many games in my locker.

Then Sayuki comes up from behind and says that those are ten bishojo games that she recommends. Now get to studying so you know how to write one.

So after the opening, we have Sayuki take our boy Bunta to a Market Research Club but it turns out that it’s actually a front for their game circle.


When asked how she managed to do it, all Sayuki’s got to say is that she was a good student and she has a good track record so they didn’t look too much into it. Okay sweetie but where’s your advisor?

So once they get all settled down Sayuki explains they need more people. They need a writer, a producer, animation lead, programmer, CG Artist, and a seiyuu.


Just so you know CG Artists do special shots like something important scenes in a visual novel.

When a visual novel is made, there are a large amount of backgrounds made and then the various spirites for the characters are made. Then the two comes together to make various scenes. These two fall under animation lead for making the spirites and CG Artist for making the backgrounds.

In larger groups or companies, you have multiple artists working on different things so it’s a lot quicker. However in doujin games like this, they’ll typically have one artist so all the character designs ,CG creation, and pretty much anything artistically related to the project falls to them. You can see why artists goes crazy a lot…

The rest should be self explanatory.

So after Sayuki explains, Bunta’s confused a bit because she said them all in English. After she clears it up, she says that all these terms were commonplace at her older brother’s company. Oh did her brother make games too? Interesting.

Even more interesting is her look. It’s a look of a large amount of respect and admiration. I think there is a certain level of determination in Sayuki here. She wants to make a game that will make her brother proud of her.


So Sayuki tells Bunta to go and find these people but when he says that he doesn’t know if he can find people that are obsessed enough she gets angry. Or rather does her own version of Utaha’s Creator Speech except hers about Moe.

But then she randomly stops herself like ‘Oh sorry I was rambling let’s get back to what we were talking about’


Now that was funny or at least comedically serious.

So after seeing that she’s more passionate than obssessed, Bunta has more respect for her having something that she cares about a lot and hopes to find something himself as well.

Then we head back to Bunta’s place where he’s playing some of the games that Sayuki gave him. Then finds that it’s going to take some time so he switches to looking for some staff members and this is who he finds.

You really tried Bunta-kun…really did…seriously did you scrap the bottom of the bottom of the barrel for these fakers?

So they head back to the club where Sayuki’s all depressed for Bunta’s lack of an eye for creators but then Yuuka and Atomu come in .

And through some type of magic they’re both on the team. Yuuka’s going to be the seiyuu. Of course it’s natural. She’s voiced by Kana Hana.

And Atomu’s going to be the assistant producer mostly because ‘eh he’s been burned too many times and he’s got a thing against hot girls.’ I’m paraphrasing but it’s pretty much it.

Take a look.

Bro it isn’t that serious…chill…


He did Yuuka-chan. He did indeed…

So after Atomu’s brief bout with insanity(which insanity won with a first round knockout), the group asks what does Sayuki want to do with the game after it’s finished. To which she asks if they could all join her on a trip this weekend.

Then during the weekend, they head out to Akiba.

Ah the place of dreams and happiness for anime fans. It’s one of the places that any anime fan needs to go to at least once in his/her life.

After everyone geeks out after seeing a maid handing out flyers, we switch over to Bunta and he’s just gotten a learning experience.


Doujins are fan created original manga. While the common thought is that they’re all hentai, that’s not true. Most of them all. There’s like 5% that aren’t.

Just kidding…who knows. There seems to be a lot more ecchi ones that original stories. Remember Eriri in Saekano. This was her thing, taking the most popular anime of the season, analyzing it, and then making a doujin of it.

And then Sayuki comes up and says that he was crushed by them. Now that’s the normal part. The weird part is that’s she’s got four bags in her hands and it looks like she came out of the exact same shop…

So once they go into another shop Sayuki starts talking about doujin and how sometimes pros get their start in doujins or even do doujins from time to time.

It’s true. Off the top of my head as I write this review, I can remember three.

One is the Hiromitsu Takeda, creator of Maken Ki which a magic school harem manga/anime. It wasn’t very good. The only reason I watched is because of fanservice and the fact that the female lead was voiced by Noriko Shitaya, Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night’s seiyuu.

Next is Okayado, creator of Monster Musume, which is a monster girl ecchi manga/anime. This was actually pretty good since Okayado goes into detail about each monster girl and more importantly the realistic applications of how each girl would fit into society.

Finally is Hiroshi Hiroyama, creator of Fate/Kaleid, which is a spinoff of Fate/Stay Night. It’s a good manga and Drei, the third manga, has been described as ‘Heaven’s Feel with Lolis’ and ‘The manga that tides us over until the Heaven’s Feel Movie’. Trust me it’s good. He used to and probably still does go by the name Kalmia.

So where was I? Oh yes after they leave the shop they move out to head home but Bunta’s got some business he wants to take care of first…going to buy some ero doujins aren’t ya?

And even Sayuki joins in…

vlcsnap-2016-01-16-04h28m49s252 vlcsnap-2016-01-16-04h28m51s244

Less teasing more of a warning. What is she expecting him to get? Forget it I don’t want to know.

So we move to where Bunta wants to go and it turns out to be a maid cafe. Ah if only I could go to a maid cafe but tragically they are none in my hometown. The only way I could go is if I went to one at a convention.

Anyway who does he find here?


It’s that hot red head from episode 1. Looks like she works in a maid cafe.

So when Bunta sits down, Ando comes over and makes him promise not to tell anyone about it not because she’s embarrassed. She didn’t ask the school’s permission to work and I’m pretty sure they’d frown on her working in a maid cafe.

Then we get the middle card.


And after that, Bunta heads home and while he’s playing one of the games that Sayuki gave him, his boss from the restaurant calls him and asks him to come in. He says that he’s got something do and he goes back to playing the game. Wow he’s really taking this seriously. I would have gone and done the extra hours.

And the next days when he sees Sayuki he looks like he pulled an all nighter. My man’s a bit of a trooper.


So after talking about one of the games that he planned, Sayuki brings him the need for them to recruit an artist and a programmer, the last two members that they’ll need.

When Bunta makes the comment that she should help with looking for them, Sayuki says that she thinks it’s best that he looks for them. Probably because she’s the anti-social type of girl.

So we move to Bunta after school and he’s in a bookstore checking out some of the art in the manga and stuff, trying to develop an eye for art when he sees this.


I see this picture as two things. One, it’s acceptance. It’s basically Shojo-tachi saying ‘We know we’re a lot like Saekano. We know. You know. So let’s move on.’ And the other one is giving proper respect. After all Saekano was one of the hit anime last season and they’re doing pretty much the exact same thing so it would be like they’re ripping them off if they didn’t do some type of reference or something to them.

And when he tries to ask for help from the girl apparently voiced by the lovely Satomi Sato, she runs away and gets her boss who has no idea where these little arts are coming from but hey they’re cute so he lets them stay.

And the next day at school, Bunta shows his research. Turns out that it was drawn by a girl that’s one of the top artists on Pixi, which pretty much Pixiv without the V at the end. And it turns out that it’s one of the first years in their school, Hokekiyo, and her real name is Yuuki Uguisu.


So in a fit of genius and general not smart moves, our little club decides to leave a note in Yuuki’s shoe locker and then gang up on her, trying to get her to join the club. Poor girl. Satomi Sato is known for voicing shy girls as well as another type of girls…

So when that doesn’t work, Bunta tries to go at it alone and it works just like the last time. She runs away…really fast. If being an artist doesn’t work out, the Japanese could use you on their Olympic track team.

It takes Ando from the maid shop to help out and she manages to get Yuuki when Bunta can’t…ie when she’s in the girls washroom. That place is like it has a forcefield around it.

She’s all for it since she’s very much an otaku.

And after some talking about stuff and getting things together, the group gets Yuuki as the artist and Ando ends up joining as the programmer. Alright the gang’s all here.

And with that the episode ends. A pretty good episode. I like the fact that they didn’t play any games about getting the team together. A major thing people didn’t like about Saekano is that Michiru didn’t come around until literally the last few episodes yet she was marketed as one of main characters.

I’m just saying.

So that’s all I’ve got for you.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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