What is this thing? It looks like a legitimate plot! But Rail Wars always cut plot in favor of ass and huge boobs. Let’s see how things go!

So we start off the episode with Noa saying that it’s okay for Naoto to want to be a driver. Aw she supports him. However it would make a bigger impact if we weren’t seeing this while she was talking.


I’m not complaining…just saying. Side note, nice rear.

Then Noa saying she understands going out in her best clothes and when she wasn’t playing the main role. Hmm…and then the anime shows the scene with Aoi and Koumi thinking Naoto’s a bastard for bringing three girls to the same place.

So it really was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that almost got him killed but one nonetheless.

After Noa finishes her explanation of how she saw the events, Aoi blushes and says for her not to get the wrong idea.

Then Noa sits down with Naoto and grabs his arm.


Lucky dude.

But apparently Koumi’s got some problems with this.


Oh something’s about to go down!


Oh! She just got shut down but Noa! Also on a meta example, Minori Chihara just owned Maaya Uchida! Oh! Someone get Maaya some cream for that bruised pride!

So after some soft mutterings about much of a power keg this is Iwaizumi and Mari come in! Just in the freaking nick of time. I think something might have started off.

So Mari brings some coffee to drink and offers some to Noa.


See! Even she can see it and she just met her for the first time!

So after she accept it Noa says she’s got to leave for a rehersal. What! It’s only 3:51 minutes in the show and already Noa’s gone and the three girl harem conflict’s gone! What the hell!

You bring Minori Chihara in just for almost 4 minutes and then just kick her out! Well it doesn’t matter she still got paid for the full episode even if she’s only in the first few minutes.

Note:This seems to be as good a time as any. I planned on having a post about Seiyuu get paid but I don’t have the source material anymore. So I’ll just go from memory. Seiyuu are paid very differently from Voice Actors in America. While Voice Actors are paid by the hour, Seiyuu are paid by the episode. So while Voice Actors, who often do 3 and 4 hour sessions, can make more in one day. They make less over the course of one season because they record multiple episodes at once. Seiyuu however get a certain amount of money for each episode they’re in, regardless of how long their recording session was. So it adds up quicker. Also Seiyuu pay is based on a combination of popularity and experience. Minori Chihara would make a lot more than someone that just came out of the gate. However someone like Kana Hanazawa who’s currently the most popular female Seiyuu makes more than she does. Goes to show how popularity can change things.

Anyway Naoto gets a call and finds out there’s been a landslide and it’s blocked off the tracks so they’ve been called in to help with getting the people off the current train and back to the station.


Ready! Roll out!

Now that’s some good teamwork.

So after they get everyone off the train, they head back to the training building where we get this.

Snapshot_13 Snapshot_14

Oh looks like something interesting beginning.

Turns out this is Oito from the Japan Organs Transit System. She’s charged with transporting an organ to Maebashi Hospital for surgery. However she got stopped on the National Highway and with things on the train she can’t get anywhere with them either.

So everyone’s wondering what to do and Koumi coming up with crazy ideas like running it all the way there, Naoto comes up with an idea.

Snapshot_15 Snapshot_16

That plan, using a rail way that was built during the Meiji Restoration Era, is very clever but insanely risky. Do you know when the Meijji Era started? In the late 1800s and it lasted until around the early 1920s! That track was one of the first ones ever freaking built and you want to use it. Can I have your stuff after you don’t make it back?

But hey it’s their only option right now. So there’s no other choice.


So this little pedal powered thing is supposed to get them all the way to the hospital and through a dangerous and old tunnel? Hmm…makes for interesting plot though I wouldn’t want to be on it.

So the little dude explains what the drasine can and do and gives Naoto the manuel.


I’ve seen telephone books smaller than that and I live in a big city! However when you need something read quickly in this anime who do you call? Haruka Koumi!


Something about a woman reading just warms me up. Mostly because the girls in my area avoid books like the plague. I can’t wait to go to college this winter.

So after getting the drasine pushed out to the track, they get the organ and all they need to do is get to the station and the person in charge handles it from there. So they get the okay from Narita to disregard all the traffic signals and just as Koumi finishes reading man she reads fast! they get going with Naoto as the driver!

See man! If you had been a driver then you wouldn’t been doing something as fulfilling as racing the clock to save someone.’s life. Sure it’s not safe and filled with danger and scary hot girls but you’re helping people and it’s that what being a person is all about? Helping people.

So Naoto’s driving while Iwaizumi is on pedaling and Aoi and Koumi are on support duty.


However before we can even get started with everything we need a little push and who else to get things started is Aoi Sakurai!


With some pushing on Sakurai’s side and some pedalling on Iwaizumi’s side, they managed to get moving.


It doesn’t look at that dramatic but trust me it is…

So after a bit they reach the first tunnel…


Now remember all that useless stuff they said about the Usui Pass last episode? Now it’s all coming up. Usui Pass is an uphill tunnel and to get to the training center our team had to go uphill. However the Maebashi Hospital is downhill so now it’s going to be a dangerous roller coaster ride from here on out.

So after a tunnel or two Koumi explains that it will be roughly smooth sailing until they reach the Kumanotaira Signal Station because the tunnel’s been recently built and maintained. However after the half way point we get into the tunnels that were made during the Meiji era.

One tunnel down…sixteen to go!

So they hit a hard right and of course someone’s boobs have to fl y into someone’s face.


Now that feels like home right there.

So now with that hard right, the little car is starting to tilt, meaning a derailment might happen. What are you going to do Naoto?


So Naoto says that they need to lose some speed and so Koumi tells Aoi to use the D equipment to slow them down. However it takes time to work and that’s time they don’t have since they go through another tunnel and start to tilt again.

What to do?

Get Aoi!


Clever. Using her own body weight as a counterweight, she was able to put the car back on the track. Clever.

So we go through a few turns with Aoi and Iwaizumi basically leaning off the train to balance back on the tracks. It’s a lot of screaming and a lot awesome music. Can’t wait for the soundtrack so I can get that.

So they pull into the Kumanotaira Station and pass it by to see this.


They believe in these kids. Make sure to not let them down!


From here on out one mistake equals a derailment. So of course something happens.


Now that’s a good ending. We’ve got a great episode and everything’s going good. I’m really liking how things are going now.

I give Rail Wars Episode 8 a 9/10. It misses out on 10/10 because they just smoothed over the harem problems with all types of ease. I just can’t accept that it’d be that easy.

I’m really hyped for the next episode so until then,
Later Days!

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