Ouch it must hurt for Caster to be so badass and so sexy. It’s not fair!

You know this is going to be a good episode when they skip the opening song.

Rin starts off the episode by having a dream about Archer and how he became a Heroic Spirit. Clever on Ufotable part.

Most of Archer’s backstory doesn’t come from Unlimited Blade Works. It comes from Fate/Extra. You can check it out to see more of it and plus you can see Red Saber. She looks like our Saber(Arturia Pendragon) but she’s got a better body and she’s got a over the top personality!

It’s a good scene but the one thing that I don’t like is that the fansubbers didn’t do a direct translation of what Rin was saying. What they used was just the English words that Archer uses when he uses his Noble Phantasm.

This is what Rin said really means.

His body is made out of swords
His blood is of iron and his heart of glass
He survived through countless battles
Not even once retreating
Not even once being understood
He was always alone
Intoxicated with victory in a hill of swords
Thus, his life has no meaning
This body was certainly made out of swords

Sounds way better than what those fansubbers put down.

So as Rin is leaving for school, Archer talks with her about her partnership with Shiro and he clearly disapproves of it. He even suggests an alliance with Caster which makes Rin insanely mad.

She doesn’t change her mind or position on the issue and Archer says that until she gets back to herself, he’ll be hanging out in the shadows until she needs him.

While at school Shiro goes to have lunch with Issei, he sees Issei talking with Kuzuki. That prompts a whole conversation about Kuzuki living at the Ryuudo Temple and his new fiancee is also living there as well.

New fiancee…he’s Caster’s Master. You even see a picture of her and it is Caster at least without her hood on.

Side Note: Kuzuki did the same thing that Shiro did with Saber in the Fate Route except it was consensual. Now that’s nice after all the stuff that Caster went through during her life. If you don’t know about Caster, check out the Greek legend of Medea. That’s Caster’s true name.

Side Note: There seem to be a lot of Greek figures in this Grail War. Berserker is Hercules. Caster is Medea. And Rider is Medusa. If this Grail War was in Greece, they’d all get the Cultural Area boost due to their legend being well known in that area.

After that Rin and Shiro decide to test Kuzuki to determine if he’s Caster’s master while he walks back to the Temple.

Note: I’ve kinda been ignoring this one but I need to say it now. Shiro after Archer’s duel against Assassin has been really fanastizing about Kansho and Bakuya, Archer’s swords. Just saying.

Anyway while Kuzuki walks back to the temple, Shiro, Rin, and Saber wait in an ambush.

And when Rin fires a shot at Kuzuki, Caster blocks it and the battle just starts from there.

And Oh lord it’s a slaughter! It’s like Caster and Kuzuki weren’t even trying. Although it was stupid of Caster to try and fight Saber. Can you say Magical Resistance, Caster?

Note: The Saber Class possesses the ability called Magical Resistance. It weakens and in some cases outright nullifies magic usage against the user. Saber(Arturia Pendragon) has the highest Magical Resistance out of all the Saber Class Servants known. This is because of her dragon blood which boosts her resistance even higher.

However Saber still can’t hold a candle to Kuzuki and he sends her flying while Caster looks to deal the finishing blow with some type of dagger…dagger from Caster…Rule Breaker!

Note: Rule Breaker is one of Caster’s Noble Phantasms. Anything cut by Rule Breaker will lose all contracts and magical bindings and this even includes the contracts between Masters and Servants. Wow that’s broken. Good thing it’s balanced by Caster’s paper thin physical defenses

So with Saber knocked around like a rag doll and Rin knocked out by Kuzuki, Shiro has no choice but to use Projection to make a weapon to fight Kuzuki. So he makes Kansho and Bakuya and gives Kuzuki a legit run for his money.

Note: Shiro is able to create swords through Projection because of his Origin and Elemental Affinity being Swords. It was changed when Kiritsugu implanted Avalon into Shiro back during the Great Fuyuki Fire ten years ago

After seeing that Shiro’s got Kuzuki on the ropes, she rushes to save him and they escape back to the temple.

Right before the episode ends we see Shinji with that mysterious blond guy in the Mato basement where they plan on attacking all the rest of the Servants.

Now that’s a good episode. Ufotable you geniuses and also where do they get all the money to do this? There’s been a joke since Fate/Zero that Ufotable’s got a budget for Fate series stuff that float a small country…clearly they’re right.

I’m giving this episode 9 out of 10. Just beautifully done with the action and the visuals. I can’t wait until the next episode.

Until then,
Later Days

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