Everyone said it during the manga and we’ll say it now. It was a bit of a cop out how Sayla was defeated. Good thing she gets some redemption later in the arc.

So we start the episode with continuing with battle with Mirajane and Sayla and it’s safe to say that Mira’s getting her butt handed to her. Maybe that’s the reason that she trained over…oops can’t say yet.

So during the fight we get a flashback of Mira and her siblings past. Turns out to save her village, she used her Take Over on a demon that was attacking their village. However she was unable to change her hand back and the villagers kicked them out.


They traveled around Fiore until they reached Magnolia and joined Fairy Tail. However Mira still felt like she didn’t belong there so she started to leave. It took Lisanna and Elfman showing that learning Take Over themselves to make her feel like she’s not alone.

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I have a little question. If you’ve been on the Fairy Tail team for a while then you know that when Mira was a little girl she was a gothic loli bully. So the question is when did she start doing the whole gothic loli bully thing? After she got settled? Maybe she started to make sure that she wasn’t picked on? Who knows?

Let’s move on.

So after that we go back to fight where Mira tries one more to use her Take Over on Sayla but it doesn’t seem to work.

Sayla goes for the finishing blow.

But Mirajane reveals that she used Sayla’s Macro to order Elfman to come and defeat Sayla and it works.


And that’s why people call suspect on this defeat. I know Elfman weighs a lot, he got Sayla off guard but it seems like a cop out to most people.

Moving on we go to Kyouka talking to the interim leader of Tartaros Mard Geer. She explains how the Face plan has been defeated by Fairy Tail and he adds that Sayla and Hell’s Core have been destroyed. However this hasn’t set back the plan at all to restore END.


And then Mard Geer reminds Kyouka that demons do not play with humans.


Is it wrong to think that Ai Kayano’s voice still sounds sexy right now? I think not.

So while that’s happening, Warren, the telepath of Fairy Tail, synchs everyone up and explains the situation. Mira saved and Face was defeated by Wendy and Carla. Or as I like to call them the two perverts now.

The joke being that Satomi Sato voiced a BL lover in Fate/Kaleid and Yui Horie voices another perverted loli in Shimoseka. As for watching Shimoseka I have no regrets!

Anyway Happy also tells Makarov about their conversation with Hades to release the Light. Or as us manga readers call it ‘Loli in a jar’ Yeah you’ll get that reference later.

So Mard Geer isn’t having any of that happy ‘We’re winning’ stuff anymore. So he unleashes Alergia.

The whole Cube changes into massive prison that traps all the humans inside the Cube as it changes into its true form, Plutogrim.

However there’s one person that managed to escape it. Lucy and now she must fight against all of Tartarus on her own.


And with that the episode ends.

Definitely a good episode but not as good as the one that’s coming up next. It’s safe to say that Lucy’s going to be epically awesome in the next few episodes. I can’t wait but at the same time if you know what’s going to happen you’re going to shed a tear or two.

I’m hoping for Eri Kitamura to pull through with it.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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