I’ve been really thinking of some stuff. Money’s tight…well not super tight at my place. We have money to get me back and forth to school and cash to eat and pay bills. And that’s all I should really ask for right?

I admit that it might be selfish of me to want more. After all my Needs are taken care of. Is it right to have Wants when my Needs are taken care of?

I’d like to think it’s okay. After all over the course of a month I go to school five days a week for at least three hours, write papers for school, write at least 12 reviews per month, side posts on the blog, manage my Twitter, look for a job, write my book, keep up with family and old friends, cook, and do chores. I rarely get to sleep before 11 and I still feel like I haven’t made a dent into the stuff that I want to do.

While my mother and my family taught me that it’s okay to be happy, I always thought that it was important to sacrifice a bit of yourself to be there for others. I always thought that I had a responsibility to others before myself. However I’m starting to wonder if that’s okay. After all, I’m not saying I’m suffering but I do give up a lot of stuff that I want to do to please others.

For example I want a new computer and a new tablet so I can restart my Love Live School Idol Festival posts as well as restart my Fuuka and Fairy Tail Zero reviews. I also want a 3DS so I can play Pokemon and Bravely Default to relax after a long day. However everytime I think of getting these things, I feel like I’m being selfish to others like my mother who need me.

But despite that, I want to do a few small things for myself. So I’ve been thinking of trying to do affliates on the blog again.

I think that the main reason it failed the last time is that I was trying to push people to buy by making specific posts for it. That in my opinion was bad and stupid.

Also I believe that I was going for the wrong product. Not to offend anyone but if you want to pay for a DVD/BD, you would but it’s just easier to download it. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

So that’s why I signed up with PlayAsia.com again. And this time I’m going to be working with something that’s both cheaper and a bit more effective in pitching.

I’ll be pitching iTunes and Google Play giftcards as well as Nendoroids. I thought about it and realized that it would be easier to buy a $10, $15, or $25 iTunes or Google Play than a $50 DVD. And plus I’m more pandering to the Love Live School Idol Festival players who occasionally buy Love Gems.

As for the Nendoroids I actually got the idea from watching CuriousCloudy’s Fan Hauls on Youtube. Nendoroids are collectable and very cute and a lot of them are less than $50 on PlayAsia. So it’s pretty easy to work with.

So that’s my decision. Some of the posts like the ones for the Fate series, Date A Live, and Love Live will be pitching Nendoroids while the other posts will be pitching iTunes and Google Play cards.

Before I end off the posts, I just want to say that all of this isn’t just a ploy to milk you of your money. The lion’s share of the money that this would make would go to the blog and if there’s anything left, I’d use it for myself or probably give it to SkyCorps for either blog maintainence or whatever he wants to do with it.

To be fair he deserves it. AnimeWithSky is nearly at 90,000 hits and hasn’t even been a year yet. I personally think we’ll hit 100K either a little before the year anniversary or a few weeks after. He’s a great Head Author and Admin.

Also I won’t be posting any affiliate links on AnimeWithSky. Like I’ve said a few times, I respect him too much to do that.

So I think that’s it.

Until another update or something else,
Later Days

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