Looks like Type-Moon was able to follow through on their promise!

The newest entry into the Fate Series, Fate/Grand Order released on July 29th or July 30th in Japan.

And it is glorious. And as usual the folks on the various Fate Reddits and Beast’s Lair have been compiling information about the game.

However if you like to play Pokemon you remember Pokebank?

If you don’t know PokeBank is a cloud based service that allow gamers to store their Pokemon in the cloud and send them there for storage. It was intended to replace all other forms of transfer between games from 6th gen onward.

However…it failed at epically at launch. Nintendo didn’t expect for so many people to log on so fast and the servers crashed. PokeBank was delayed for months until it came out around early 2015.

Why am I talking about PokeBank with Type Moon? Exact same thing happened and as of July 30th, Fate/Grand Order is down for maintenance.

Granted it happened because people were rerolling for better Servants but still Type-Moon’s fault for expecting that we wouldn’t reroll and not planning ahead for it.

Anyway before the servers went down, the folks at Beast’s Lair compiled information on all the Servants that could be rerolled for.

Note: These are the heroes that haven’t been seen in any other Fate series.

I’m going to show you who they are and what class. And since I’m a nice guy I’m going to give you their historical place.

St. George(Rider)
-Saint of the Catholic Church. Most well known for killing a dragon


Gaius Julius Caesar(Saber)
-Roman general and dictator. Most well known for bringing about the start of the Roman Empire


Marie Antoinette(Rider)
-Former Queen of France most well known for the phrase ‘Let them eat Cake’ although history has confirmed that she did not say this.


Jing Ke(Assassin)
-Assassin. Well known for his failed assassination of the first Chinese Emperor. His gender is flipped in the Nasuverse to be a woman.


-Legendary archer of Iranian folklore. During a war between Iranians and Turanians, they finally decided to divide the lands according to a shot of holy arrow. Arash was the archer.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Caster)
-Legendary composer of classical music.


Leonardo Da Vinci
-Legendary inventor and artist


-Demon from the Faustian legend


-Female vampire written in 1826. Sets the prototype for the female vampire that attacks other women.


-Briton Queen who led an uprising against the Roman Empire during the reign of Emperor Nero


-Ruler of Persia during the lifetime of Alexander the Great. Defeated by Alexander.


William Shakespeare(Caster)
-Legendary playwright during the English Renaissance


-Older sister to the Gorgon Medusa


Mata Hari(Assasin)
-French spy for the Germans during WW2. Considered to be one of the first true spies. Her actions as a beautiful exotic dancer as a double agent made her the archetype of the femme fatale.


-Daughter of wealthy Japanese landlord. When rejected by a priest, she transformed into either a large dragon or snake and gave chase to him as he ran. She breathed fire and killing him.


Vlad the Impaler(Berserker)
-Legendary prince of Wallachia. Sets the prototype for Dracula.


-The minotaur of Greek mythology.


-Gladiator that attempted to stage a rebellion…it failed.

Chevalier d’Eon(Saber)
-Legendary French diplomat, spy, freemason, and soldier during the Seven Years’ War. Well known for being able to himself well by dressing as both as men and woman. In Nasuverse, her gender is unknown.


St. Martha(Rider)
-Biblical figure who witnessed the resurrection of her brother Lazarus by Jesus. Her status as a Rider is gained by taming a dragon Tarason.


-Well known emperor of the Roman Empire. Uncle of Emperor Nero and widely known to be insane.


Charles-Henri Sanson(Assassin)
-Royal Executioner of France during the reign of Louis XVI and High Executioner of the First French Republic. Executed over 3000 people via guillotine.


-Legendary Spartan king who led the legendary 300 Spartans against the Persians


-German prince. Killed the dragon Fafnir and bathed in its blood.


-Founder of Rome


Phantom of the Opera(Assassin)
-Embodiment of the Phantom of the Opera.


Edward Teach(Rider)
-The legendary pirate Blackbeard


And with that those are all the Servants that have been revealed. There has also been a reveal of Servant strengths and weaknesses.

Saber Class > Lancer Class
Lancer Class > Archer Class
Archer Class > Saber Class

Rider Class > Caster Class
Caster Class > Assassin Class
Assassin Class > Rider Class

Berserker deals and receives double damage to and from all classes save Shielder.

Shielder and Ruler are except from class weaknesses. So if you’re going to spam reroll try and get Jeanne.

Now the truth of Shielder’s identity. She is someone that the Protagonist’s already knows.

According to the folks at the Beast’s Lair, Mashu is Demi-Servant who was merged with an unknown Servant.

Which explains why there is so much focus on Shielder in the opening and why Shielder is your starting Servant instead of Arturia Pendragon or Jeanne D’Arc.

Speaking of the opening here’s some very awesome screenshots.

Of course I’m not the type of guy that will just show you these pictures and not give you the opening to download.

So here we go.


I’m excited. It’s been confirmed the further you go into the story the more Servants you’ll get. Gilgamesh and Scathach have been confirmed for later in the story. So be patient. Wait for the King of Heroes and the most badass Lancer ever.

So that’s all I’ve got for you.

Edit: The Game’s Active again! Play your hearts out!

Until the game is online again,
Later Days

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