Aww there’s no Wendy in this episode! Darn it! I wanted to make my joke!

So the episode starts with everyone noticing that magic didn’t disappear! Yeah Wendy saved the world! Now she’s going to read her BL comics in peace.

The joke is that Wendy’s seiyuu, Satomi Sato, voices Mimi Katsura in Fate/Kaleid. This most recent episode it’s been shown that Mimi is a hopeless fujoshi and lover of BL.

So all the demons of Tartarus notice that magic hasn’t disappeared. While Sayla and Franmalth keep their fights up, Kyouka decides to make a break for it and try and awaken END.


How rude of you Kyouka. Who’s going to fight Erza now?


Hey what’s up Minerva. It’s been a bit of time. How’s life as a demon? Any new benefits?

Then we head back to Natsu vs. Franmalth where Franmalth is going in on Natsu.

Things are getting bad for Natsu, Lucy, and, Happy when Franmalth starts to try to suck out their souls.

However they manage to keep a hold on their souls by remembering what they care about most.

Happy…seriously. This is a battle for your soul and all you’re thinking about is fish…

So as Lucy is thinking about something actually important that she treasures, she thinks that it would be at least nice for her to send Taurus and Aries back to the Celestial Spirit World.

So she does a Forced Gate Closure for both of them and it almost sucks Franmalth in with them until he lets them out.

That gives Lucy an idea…


But Natsu isn’t a Spirit? But that’s the idea since it makes Franmalth let Natsu go and it lets Natsu pummel him into defeat with a brick…


Well it’s a large brick…

So after Franmalth is defeated, all the souls he had finally pass on and Hades’s soul appears and tells them that Tartarus’s true goal has not been stopped. He also tells them to pass on the message that it’s time for Makarov to release the light.

However as Franmalth dies, he says he’ll just be reborn within Hell’s Core.

We immediately switch over to the battle of Sayla vs. Mirajane where Franmalth and Ezel, fresh from their losses from Natsu and Wendy, show up.

And then like a villain she is, Lamy explains exactly how Hell’s Core works.

And cue Mirajane destroying the entire place with her Take Over.

So after a little conversation between Mirajane and Sayla about they can’t use their best powers on each other, they start to go all out for a physical fight.


And Sayla goes into her Etherious form.


And things get good and Mirajane gets her rear handed to her.

Then we strangely move to Jellal and company where we end the episode with Cobra hearing some screams.

That’s strange. You don’t think? They wouldn’t dare?

Are they going to put a filler in the middle of the arc?

I’m not sure but they better not!

So until next week when we find out,
Later Days

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